Smart Data Analysis Course

Analyzing the performance of a website is as vital as updating it regularly for its smooth functioning to attract more traffic. Talking about website traffic it is very important to keep an accurate track record of the number of visitors on the website as it would directly benefit your ad campaigns all over the web. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you keep a record and progress of your digital marketing effectiveness.

At SSIM, we provide you the finest curriculum in data analytics (Google analytics). However it is recommended that the student has the knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing before enrolling in this course.

Curriculum Name: Smart Data Analysis Course

Length: 45 Days + 3 Months Industry Training

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The smart course offers you:

  • To track down the performance of online campaigns to shut down the ones that are not worth the investment
  • To determine the demographics of the website visitors to perform segmentation and personalization .
  • To visualize what people click the most and which web pages seem to leave users confused to optimize visibility .
  • To identify top performing content and worst performing pages to optimize content and SEO.
  • To quantify the amount of mobile users to determine whether a mobile platform is necessary

Enroll in our smart data analysis course and become an expert in data analysis.

Curriculum for Data Analysis:

  1. Introduction to Google Analytics.
  2. Fundamentals of Google Analytics.
  3. Reporting in Google Analysis
  4. Implementation of Analytics code
  5. Understanding the source traffic
  6. Data collection and building reports .
  7. Real time Analysis
  8. Conversion reports .


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