Smart Ecommerce Course

Do you sell Online? Are you not getting enough orders? Want growth in your business? Are you looking to sell online in future?

Then SSIM is the right place to be at! We claim to be experts in selling online, having the knowledge of all the effective techniques and tactics to sell online, we wish to help you out and teach you how to boost your sales to a skyrocketing number in no time . For the beginners in the field of online selling we provide you with the basic guidance and make you a successful seller at the very start of your career.

Curriculum Name: Smart Ecommerce Course

Length: 45 Days + 3 Months Industry Training

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Outcome of the Course:

After accomplishment of this course you will become perfect in:

  1. Understanding the policies of different marketplaces
  2. Listing the products on different marketplaces
  3. Product promotion
  4. Social Media Promotion
  5. Product face value
  6. Discount/Promotion coupon creation
  7. Product Ad creation
  8. Product SEO

Boost your online selling business

If you are thinking to start an online selling business and become a seller on different marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. then SSIM is the best place which offers expert guidance about how to perfectly set-up your business and earn huge amount of profits at the very beginning.

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